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For the last 5 years, we have been working to improve the quality of life young carers in Hertfordshire. And it has been incredibly tough. What we do allows us to meet some amazing young people in our community, get to know them and learn.

Yes, there is a tremendous amount to learn from these young men and women that care for their close ones with everything that they have got.

If you want to help Hertfordshire as well, there is a lot you can do.

Come to one of our events

carer events

We often have fundraising events trying to make this issue heard in the government buildings. According to the current estimates, there is close to a million of young carers who have to support a friend or a family member with disability.

You, simply coming to one of our events, would be amazing because you would already be helping us out by making our event more popular.

Also, if you would come with a couple of friends – that would be even better.

Organize a group

Strangely, the issue of young carers is quite silent in our class rooms and social events. From kids, anyway, who already feel tremendous pressure and even shame about their situation.

If you do want to help us spread the word, talk to your school or group about hosting an event. We would bring our material; our speakers and it would be a wonderful opportunity for carers within your own group feel noticed and heard.

Charity of the Year initiative

charity awards

Through various platforms like the Charity Awards we are trying to become one of the charities of the year. If you follow us on social media, look for our prompts to vote and help us gain recognition through that.

This is not about shiny award statues. We have young people that are struggling physically and emotionally trying to take care of adults in their surroundings.

We see these kids every day. They need support and it is a time when we can actually help them by bringing more light on the subject.


If you want to get involved, if you want to help, if you are a young carer or know someone who is, please reach out today. We are happy with the amazing stories that we have seen develop but there are so many more young people in need.

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